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HDPrinting is a collection that born from the union of exclusive prints created by the ARTLIFE team. Each of this patterns is printed inside the glasses, creating an explosive fusion of colours and textures.

In this collection, the shapes of the glasses range from a vintage style mixing ovals and metal as material, to the most classical and squared models of acetate.

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ARTLIFE’s collection on this season is inspired on the natural colors of the Mediterranean.
The collection has more than 30 models that combine exclusive acetates, created by the ARTLIFE team. For a week, the team visited the most emblematic places of Spain to capture the essence of the color of our country.

The base of our glasses is applied in shiny and radiant colors that provide the warm light of our sky. The frames might have transparent acetates like sea water, or acetates of marble texture like the rocks of our mountains. All of them are coated with golden tiny bits that represent the shine of the sun. Energy mixture that provides unique touches in the different colors.

Like all ARTLIFE’s models, this new collection is entirely designed in Spain.

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About Us

In Artlife, inspiration is our oxygen. It gives purpose to our life and fuels our imagination. We design our eyewear knowing you are just like us: you observe the world with wonder, looking for inspiration even in the smallest details or unexpected places.

Every model is a tribute to artists, philosophers and scientists whose work has helped change the world and whose words, marked in the temples, are now powerful weapons that can inspire you to do great things.

We created Artlife in Barcelona during 2011 with the goal of providing an eyewear that would make you have a positive and active outlook of live. Now you can find us in more than 15 countries and we are slowly changing the world one little step at a time through our social campaigns.

Decalog of Artlife

  1. Love your life above all other things.

  2. Don ‘t speak the name of freedom in vain.

  3. Be devoted to your life your dreams your endeavours.

  4. Honour your father and mother who strived to be in a better world.

  5. Don’t kill even though one may be worthy of it.

  1. Don´t commit acts of vandalism when protesting your rights.

  2. Don’t allow them to steal your house.

  3. Don’t tell lies because the truth is plenty.

  4. Don’t benefit from goods of corruption.

  5. Don’t allow thoughts that depress you and bring you down.