Campaign of ArtLife

The new campaign of ArtLife is dedicated to all those who for one reason or another have lost their homes, their jobs and ended up sleeping on the streets of our cities.

Through the Arrels Foundation Barcelona we have put a face and name to those who one day found themselves homeless and we have also learnt of their stories firsthand. The idea of giving visibility and ensuring these people are not forgotten, has resulted in the new campaign of ArtLife. First through its protagonist Alfredo, who spent 11 years living on the street and after working for a month side by side with Alonso, Inma, Juan Carlos, Angel, Jose, Joaquim, Antonio, Luis, Salvador and Toni with the aim to place in your hands this package and offer a different and very special campaign.

Through this project we have managed to provide employment and restore their hope and confidence in themselves. All elements you have received have been prepared by the ten people who have lived on the street and are no longer homeless.The printing process of all elements was carried out by hand using an ancient technique of silkscreen printing. We have stamped on the cardboard , the map of the city streets as a symbol of what they have lived through. The typeface used was made from the calligraphy of homeless people and belongs to the Arrels Foundation Barcelona“Homelessfont”.

Each piece is unique and the hidden imperfections represent a personal story that you can help give visibility to by hanging them in your store. You also form part of this charity campaign.

We have shared many great moments with all of these people and if we have learned anything it is that nobody wants to return to the streets, because the street is full of fear and loneliness.
Therefore, the motto of the campaign we have chosen is “NOBODY SLEEPING ON THE STREET”.