ArtLife has been seducted by the Comics universe

ArtLife presented its “Comic Paper Collection” during last Silmo’s edition; a brand-spanking new design.

The stand, decorated with large format comics on the walls as well as furniture with an industrial twist, in the most pure New York style, drew a large number of visitors interested in seeing the new collection of the brand. The frames are made with real old comics, which makes them become a unique and special object.

“Comic Paper Collection” is 100% made in Spain. They are completely waterproof thanks to its manual production as well as the paper treatment, using a glue and three different varnishes created by ArtLife. These also grant a high-durability to extreme hot or cold conditions, always keeping its genuine comic touch.

Nowadays, ArtLife is present at the main optical shops in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Greece, Sweden and Holland.